The Casual Conversationalist Podcast Survey

Yesterday, I posted a survey to my social media followers with four simple questions about what they would like to see from my upcoming podcast. I’ve started putting together some shows and am working with an audio producer to develop and intro and outro to the show, so this is totally happening!

The problem is that I talk about sooo many things on this blog and The Irrational Mind. I need to know what my audience (you!) really want to hear about.

As of posting, I have 36 responses. The numbers don’t quite add up here because I allowed multiple choices for the topics and length question.



And of course, under “other” I had various responses. Some people said they liked podcasts that were 1 to 5 minutes long, while others said they listened to shows up to an hour!

Most people either had serious or hilarious feedback for what the show should be called, and it seem that you are all torn down the middle about keeping The Casual Conversationalist or rebranding. I agree that the name doesn’t encompass all the topics listed, but, like many of you, I can’t think of a better name when it’s clear that most of you like the varied topic structure of the blog and would like to see that continue in the podcast. This may be something that we roll with and let the show evolve with time.

Of course, I have to share some of the fun names you guys came up with:

  • Tornado Mallie
  • Collecting Cats, For Fun and Profit
  • Malnado
  • Mallie’s Alley
  • Mallie the Most Magnificent Meteorology Messenger Makes Mental and Material Modifications Meaningful

There were a few others as well, but I’m happy to see all of you being creative. 😉

I was really hoping this survey would let me knock down a few of the topics I talk about. According to the other people doing this blog/podcast business, I need to pick a very specific niche. Now, look back at the topics you all chose, and tell me how to narrow that down!

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I noticed the trend was that people who were interested in meteorology typically only selected “meteorology” from the topics list, and maybe “science communications.” Meanwhile, people who were interested in the topics under the umbrella of personal development also picked “meteorology.”

What am I going to do with you guys?!

love that your interests are varied and that I’m getting the green light to create a show that falls happily under the pre-created tagline “musings from the intersection of science and culture.” I’m not sure how this will translate to a wider audience, however.

If you have more feedback about the blog/show, please start a discussion in the comments. Many of you had related views in how the show should be named. Also, if you haven’t taken the survey, I’ll still be checking responses for awhile, so chime in!

Collecting Cats, For Fun and Profit

Collecting Cats, For Fun and Profit

P.S. Sorry about the “minites” typo. I created the survey on my tablet and things got a little wonky. I was happy it worked out as well as it did!

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