How Young Is Too Young To Start A Bucket List?

When I was living in a hotel as a child (this happened a couple times during/between my family’s moves), I created my first bucket list. I wish I could pull out the exact list, but, as happened with most things, it got lost in a move.

Is it silly to have a bucket list at 10 years old? I can remember parts of it, and it didn’t include things like “buy a pony” or “be a princess,” as you might expect. I know that traveling, fluently speaking 3 languages, and learning to read the Bible in all of its original languages (including Aramaic) were all on there. I’m also pretty sure storm chasing was on there, so, congratulations, little one, we managed that already!

As I sit here in my late 20s, I realize that I probably haven’t made a bucket list since my teenage years. Did I give up on myself somewhere along the line? Did my dreams become narrower? Are my expectations of the world lowered?

That’s pretty depressing.

So now I present Mallie’s 2014 Bucket List, which includes a mix of ridiculous and tiny goals:

  • Speak 3 languages fluently (let’s do it, little Mallie!)
  • Travel to all 7 continents (this was on teenage Mallie’s list)
  • Make a million dollars net profit in one calendar year
  • Do work I love
  • Get a dog
  • Reacquaint myself with the piano
  • Two children, natural or adopted
  • Show my children the world
  • Run a marathon (surprise, honey!)
  • Traditionally publish a book, fiction or non-fiction
  • Hike a mountain on every continent

What does your bucket list look like today? Do you see any themes in yours: travel, writing, family, career? Share in the comments!

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