My Three-Month Plan/Second Quarter Goals

In less than a week, Matt and I are closing on our first home in Frederick, MD. We’ll both still be working in Bethesda but at off-hours that will hopefully decrease the commuter hell most Washingtonians deal with.

I’ve blogged before about the feasibility of five-year plans, but I’m toying with the idea of shorter term goals/milestones/achievements/whatever.

So, as I embark on this solopreneur journey I have a few things I’d like to at least begin setting up as we head into the summer:

  1. YouTube channel
  2. Podcast
  3. Online courses
  4. Ebooks
  5. Consulting/coaching clients

Overambitious? Maybe. But I’m feeling pretty pumped about these ideas.

YouTube Channel

I imagine the YouTube channel overlapping at least partially with the online course offerings I’m planning. The primary focus (as I envision it today) would be on science communication in meteorology and beyond. There are a lot of sci-tech startups out there with business and technical know-how, but they may be lacking in the “engaging the audience” arena. I’d also like to do a couple of mini-courses on basic meteorology concepts for my non-meteo friends and followers who are interested in all this haboob/derecho/etc. mess.


I’d like the podcast to be a more practical application of the skills discussed on the YouTube videos and online courses, with a meteorology focus. I envision a more chillaxed version of the Weather Brains format, talking with meteorologists (many of you!) about their experiences interacting with the public. Seminars? Meetings? Publications? Your own podcasts? Let’s chat about it. I have a few of you in mind for this project already (and you may be surprised to be on my list!), but, if you think you’d be a good fit for this, shoot me an email at consult dot mallie at gmail.

Online Courses

I’d like to do a mix of courses for the start-up business/tech people and for the laymen who follow me on Facebook/Twitter/this blog. Courses would include a mix of videos and written materials, as well as some guest lecturing/writing from other industry experts in either science communication or meteorology.

For the startups: Engaging Your Audience

For the laymen: Meteorology 101


Ebooks provide (almost) all the information that an online course would without the pesky interaction. I’d like to expand these product offerings into some of the personal development topics I discuss on The Irrational Mind.

Consulting/Coaching Clients

While the above offerings should be pretty comprehensive, it’s useful for many people to receive one-on-one time. I’m offering:

Consulting services: Talk to me about your company’s problem, give me some background information, and I’ll do the ground work and put together a report on engaging your target audience.

Business coaching services: Let’s work together individually to improve your communication skills so you don’t need me to reach your target audience. The “teach a man to fish” method.

Personal development coaching services: Some of my Irrational Mind readers are interested in working with me individually to begin making actionable progress in their own lives. Let me stress again that this is not therapy, which focuses on your past, but a process to hold you accountable and help you reach your life/career goals.



Lots of stuff coming up! In the meantime, I again ask for your help in sending anyone who may be interested in these products or services my way.

Did you notice I have a newsletter sign-up for these things now? Yeah, check out the sidebar to sign up.

Also follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook….

Thanks for everyone’s support! If you think you could be a contributor to any of these things, email me at consult dot mallie at gmail.

Other thoughts? Comment below! Thanks!


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