Top Search Terms That Brought You To This Blog

I’m working on increasing the frequency with which I post on my blog as I grow my business, so it behooves me to look at the search terms that have brought people here thus far.

This was a ridiculously fun exercise.

Without exporting all the data to Excel, it’s clear that most people show up here looking for an explanation about The Weather Channel’s Storm:Con index or naming of winter storms. Some of my favorite search terms for this topic include:

  • storm:con index really?
  • is torcon useless weather channel
  • weather channel winter storm overhype

Following questions about The Weather Channel, there are a lot of search terms that include “tornado” and “El Reno.” So I’m glad to see that I am drawing a weather audience to the blog. 39 search queries included the word “storm,” and some of those were repeated. “Tornado” appeared in 19 searches.

Interestingly, the next most commonly searched topic involves a one-off post I did about an educational show about neanderthals. One thing that stuck out to me while I was watching the show was a comment about how much neanderthals bench press: this is apparently an incredibly popular topic that required 20 different search queries.

  • neanderthals died out eventually (author’s note:…..yup?)
  • how much could a neanderthal bench press?
  • neanderthals could lift 300-500 pounds articles
  • neanderthals died out due to depression
  • ocd neanderthal

I’m absolutely thrilled that there are people curious about the mental health of our neanderthal ancestors, but I’m even more thrilled that my blog is the best match for people looking for information on both OCD and cavemen. Also, to the person wondering if neanderthals died out due to depression………..what kind of school paper were you writing, bud?

My complaint post about writing wedding invitations in cursive received quite a few hits (11 different search terms) from disgruntled brides/high schoolers whose moms forced them to do graduation announcements:

  • do graduation announcements have to be addressed in cursive?
  • do i have to address wedding invitations in cursive
  • cursive fonts for last of a dying breed
  • does el reno oklahoma school teach cursive

Again, thank you, Google, for allowing my blog to be the best intersection of topics from cursive to El Reno, Oklahoma. I should add there are also a couple of people clearly trying to cheat their way out of having to hand write their invitations:

  • best font that looks handwritten for mailouts

In the mystery box are 240 unknown search terms. If you’re also a blogger, I highly recommend combing through these gems yourself.

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